Sculpture Lift

Experience the Liquid Face Lift to Restore and Rejuvenate Collagen & Elastin!

Sculpture Lift

Sculpture Lift is often called ‘The Liquid Face Lift’ because it is a liquid type injectable substance that can lift and re-volumise depleted skin tissues. It is well known for its efficacy in stimulating collagen growth to create supple, flexible and youthful skin! It provides gradual natural looking results to thicken, strengthen and plump collagen cells by strengthening lax skin, deep depressions, creases and folds.


Sculpture Lift is a poly-L-lactic acid which is a biocompatible and biodegradable injectable that can help to smooth folds and creases without the risks of surgery. It is used to repair lost tissue elasticity, correct contour deformities, lift and restore depleting volume and wrinkles of the face, neck, chest and hands. Best of all it is semi permanent and can last up to 2 years!


  • Restore lost or sunken facial volume to cheeks and mid face
  • Defines and lifts the jawline angle and improves jowling
  • Improves skin creases, facial lines, wrinkles and lifts facial folds
  • Corrects contour deficiencies giving the overall appearance of facial lifting
  • Improves skin texture on the neck, chest and hands
  • Softens ring lines on the neck
  • Softens sleep lines on the chest and improves skin texture and tone
  • Re-volumise aged backs of the hands

Before & After Results

See below Before & After results for the Sculpture Lift treatment.

Sculpture Face Lift


Sculpture-Lift is typically used in multiple amounts. However, we are not permitted to display the known brand name, amounts or advertise pricing, as per TGA advertising codes and our regulating body, AHPRA. We can disclose that we offer packages and pricing starts from $850

Sculpture Lift is an individual-powered vial that is reconstituted or diluted before use. How much it costs will depend on how many vials are needed, how many areas are being treated and how mild or severe each area is.

To determine how much is needed to achieve an optimal correction, we offer a complimentary consultation and assessment with one of our fully trained and experienced Cosmetic Nurse Clinicians.

To find out more, please call us on 5447 4227

Frequently Asked Questions

After your consultation, your clinician will assess the areas of need. After mapping out the face or treatment zone, we carefully inject the substance below the skin’s surface, creating an aesthetic and artistic form, hence the name! Sculpture Lift works by thickening, strengthening and plumping collagen cells by lifting and smoothing lax skin, deep depressions, creases and folds. Sculpture Lift can help you look more youthful, giving the appearance of a mini-facelift and can smooth folds and creases without the risks of surgery – but you have to be a suitable candidate! Sculpture Lift can provide gradual, natural-looking results that have been shown in clinical studies to last up to 1 1/2 years in some patients. SculptureLift has been used since 1999 in more than 150 000 patients in more than 300 countries, primarily for cosmetic use. In Australia, Sculpture Lift is approved for aesthetic medicine and reconstructive use.

Although we follow strict guidelines and take every precaution with your treatment, any injection into the skin can carry risks and side effects. Common injection-related reactions that can occur with Sculpture Lift include swelling, bleeding leading to bruising, redness or itchiness, tenderness at the site and lumps and bumps. These side effects typically resolve themselves within a few days; however bruising and swelling can last anywhere from 3-14 days in some individuals.

Other rarely reported adverse events to include; injection site abscess, allergic reaction, exaggerated augmentation of collagen and tissue elasticity, malaise, fatigue and swelling, granulomas or blockage of blood vessels causing necrosis, or exceedingly rare events of blindness. At The Cosmetic Studio Noosa our staff are regularly trained in emergency responses in the management of all adverse events in accordance to the ‘Guidelines on Emergency Responses to Adverse Events’. We abide by safe injecting practices and adhere to strict protocols for medical management to resolve these conditions in the rare event of them occurring. At your first consultation and every 12 months you will have a Facetime Consultation by one of our supervising medical prescribers who will assess your medical history, the current medications you are taking and any kind of allergies or illnesses that may affect your suitability for treatment with Sculpture Lift.

NB: Recent changes to dilutions, attendance to anatomical workshop with adverse event recognition training has markedly reduced the incidence of these severe but rare complications.

Your clinician will decide with you the number of treatment sessions and the amount of product you will need at each session. For example, clients with severe volume loss may require up to 6-8 treatments sessions. Treatments are generally performed every 4-6 weeks. Touch-ups or re-treats may be needed to maintain the desired effect at 12-18 months.

Results from Sculpture Lift are not immediate. Initial swelling from injections may give the appearance of subtle correction for the first few days, but once the swelling subsides, you may look as you did before your treatment. You will not see the results from your treatment until 4-6 weeks after your treatment because Sculpture Lift works to stimulate the existing collagen cells in your skin to grow and thicken. Forming and thickening collagen cell is like growing a seed into a plant, which takes several weeks until completion. So, the results are ‘Wait and See’. If you are having a series of treatments, you may notice incremental improvements. We will be taking your photos before each Sculpture Lift treatment to map the improvements along the way. So, be patient and come back and see us for a review if you have any concerns six weeks after your last treatment.

Your pain tolerance or fear of needles are comprehensively covered in your consultation. We offer many types of pain relief, from potent prescribed anaesthetic numbing cream, ice packs and proven distraction techniques! Best of all, Sculpture Lift is made up of a local anaesthetic, which numbs the area once injected with a needle (sharp) or cannula (blunt).

  • At your consultation, we take your health history and other relevant information is discussed, including consent, Risks & Benefits and the Before & Aftercare.
  • A comprehensive facial assessment is conducted and your treatment plan is given.
  • As Sculpture Lift is a prescription medicine, we obtain a 12 month script from our Prescriber via videoconference
  • All your makeup is removed. Then, an anaesthetic cream is applied to the areas to be treated and allowed to penetrate for approximately 30 minutes.
  • The anaesthetic cream is removed and the skin is cleansed with an antiseptic solution.
  • Sculptra Lift is injected in small amounts into the areas mapped out using either a fine needle (sharp) or cannula (blunt) and multiple injections are given as required.
  • Ice packs are used throughout for added comfort and can be applied to help reduce bruising and swelling.
  • After the treatment session, the area will be massaged to distribute the product evenly.
  • The treatment session usually takes 45 minutes to complete.
  • Before leaving, we go over Aftercare and provide you with a home care information sheet.

The treated area may look red and flushed immediately after the treatment, this quickly settles within 24hours. Induration, or a feeling of fullness or thickness, can be felt and seen in the injection areas. Which is a normal response of the treated tissue to inflammation and new collagen formation. Simply massaging the treated areas gently five times per day for 5 minutes for five days after the injection can help minimise duration.

Sculpture Lift may last up to two years but in some cases, the duration of the effect can be shorter or longer. Individual responses may vary from person to person. The exact number of treatment sessions required cannot be predicted with complete accuracy. We recommend re-assessment with a view for repeat or top-up treatments at the 12-18 months point for maintaining results.

You cannot have Sculpture Lift is you have a known allergic reaction to any ingredient of the product, such as Poly Lactic Acid or dissolving sutures made of Poly Lactic Acid. It is contraindicated if you have a history of keloid scar formation or hypertrophic scarring. Safety has not been established in pregnancy, lactating, breastfeeding or under 18 years of age. Anyone who presents on the day of their treatment with an outbreak of cold sores, acne, skin wounds or poor health will not be re-scheduled until their skin and general health improves.

How much it costs depends on how many vials of Sculpture Lift you need to achieve an aesthetic correction. The cost will be determined at your consultation and an estimate will be given along with your treatment plan. Please refer to our Sculpture Lift pricing.

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