Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Soften Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Frown Lines Botox

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are muscle relaxant drugs that are given in safe, small, therapeutic doses to specific muscles of the face. This treatment reduces the movement of the muscles, which are responsible for the lines and wrinkles that form in the skin.

This treatment is usually quick, quite comfortable and achieves natural looking results. You’ll still look like you, just a fresher more youthful version!

  • Vertical frown lines

  • Crows feet lines at the sides of eyes

  • Horizontal forehead lines

  • Vertical neck bands for sagging neck

  • Facial slimming and refining bulky jawlines

  • Brow lift and shaping to open the eye

  • ‘Bunny scrunches’ lines on the upper nose
  • Smoker’s & upper lip lines

  • Dropped mouth corners or sad face

  • Lip flip to give a pout to the upper lip

  • Gummy smiles from upper lip

  • Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Hay-Tox for Hayfever

Before & After Results

Please note that in both images (Before & After) the client is activating the muscles in their treatment area. Anti-Wrinkle Injections stop the muscle from contracting as strongly which in turn softens or smooths the wrinkles.

Anti wrinkle injections Botox
Forehead Frown Lines Botox
Male frown lines
Crows Feet
Crows Feet C
Crows Feet Male
Forehead Wrinkles
Male Forehead
Neck Bands
Neck bands woman
Bunny lines
Lip Flip
Gummy Smile

Treatment Videos

Anti-wrinkle treatment video


As the ingredients are prescribed medicines, we cannot name the product by its known brand name or list unit pricing or amounts, as per TGA advertising codes and our regulating body, AHPRA.
The price of Anti-Wrinkle Injections depends on how mild, moderate or severe the area is being treated. We offer a free consultation and assessment to determine this and how to achieve an optimal correction for you. Please refer to the table below as a guide:
Treatment Area Pricing
Frown From $157
Forehead From $72
Crows Feet From $202
Jawline Slimming From $360
Brow Lift From $45
Gummy Smile From $18-40
Hay-Tox From $135
Treatment Area Pricing
Lip Flip From $18-40
Nose Lines From $45
Upper Lip Lines From $22
Mouth Corner Lift From $27
Chin Dimpling From $45
Sagging Neck Bands From $360

Frequently Asked Questions

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are muscle relaxant drugs and are given in safe, small, therapeutic doses for Cosmetic injections. If you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, breastfeeding or suffering from a nerve or muscle disease such as Eaton-Lambert Syndrome, Myasthenia Gravis or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) you cannot have Anti-Wrinkle Injections. As with any treatment you are about to commence, it is important to discuss your health history with your practitioner to determine whether you are suitable. Apart from these conditions most people are suitable for Anti-Wrinkle treatment.
Anti-wrinkle injections are given in small quantities to specific muscles of the face to reduce the contraction movement that cause lines and wrinkles to form in the skin overlaying the muscle. Anti-wrinkle injections work by reducing or blocking the secretion of a chemical acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter or chemical messenger in the brain. These chemical messengers normally allow the nerve impulses to travel along the nerve pathway to facial muscles, making the muscles contract. When injected into the muscle the Botulinum protein attaches to the nerve endings and blocks the signal transmission to target muscles, causing relaxation, which gives a smooth, fresh and youthful appearance.
Like other injectable treatments, Botulinum Injections can have side effects, but these are mild and temporary. This may include any pain felt from the tiny injections, which is likened to a minor scratchy sensation. The injected area may be slightly puffy and red immediately after treatment, but generally recovers literally within minutes. Sometimes bruising can occur at the injection site, this typically resolves within a few days and can be easily covered using mineral make-up. A mild headache after treatment may be experienced by 9% of first time users but this is a side effect that generally resolves within 24 hours. Less than 3% of people report generalised ‘flu-like’ symptoms during the onset phase, this quickly resolves within a day or two.

In very rare cases muscle weakness such as drooping of the eyelids or eyebrows can occur. This is not a side effect as such, rather dosing and placement related, usually at forehead or frown muscles. Our medical experts at the Cosmetic Studio Noosa take every precaution necessary to reduce the risk of this occurring when they administer anti-wrinkle treatments. If in the very rare event that this unwanted side effect occurs it is important to know it is not permanent and will usually resolve within a few weeks.

Anti-wrinkle injections take approximately 2-7 days to take effect; so there won’t be any immediate change in your facial appearance. You can carry on with your normal daily activities afterwards, however it is important to keep in mind that during the onset phase (2-7 days) you can inadvertently disrupt the spread of the dosing and the treatment outcome by applying undue pressure to the treatment area. We suggest you do not wear swimming goggles if your eye area has been treated, refrain from heavily massaging the injected area when cleansing or moisturising, do not wear tight fitting caps or hats over forehead area and do not have a facial or a massage in the first few days following treatment. It is important to follow these aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects.

The procedure itself takes approximately 5-10 minutes. However, at The Cosmetic Studio Noosa, we allow 45 minutes for consultation time to discuss your medical history, the results you would like to achieve and all information related to the treatment. We tailor a personalised treatment plan for you and take time to answer whatever questions or concerns you may have. As part of the treatment process we take photos of the area, (strictly for your and our digital records only), and obtain your consent. Before you leave we give you brochures, information on after care with a follow-up appointment to review the treatment if it is your first time having this treatment.

At The Cosmetic Studio Noosa anti-wrinkle injections are priced per unit (a dosage), therefore cost depends on how much is needed in units to achieve the desired result. As well, different treatment areas require different dosing and the dose required for each individual may vary. Some people have a very deep, strong frowning muscle for example while other’s have a weaker, smaller frowning complex – so the dose (how many units needed) and the cost can vary*.

Because muscle contraction and movement is different in each person we have to actually see the area to assess and determine dosing and therefore cost. To do this we are required to perform the assessment face-to-face in the consultation, rather than over the phone. As mentioned earlier, the consultation is free and is a great opportunity to discuss all the options available and give you an accurate quote.

*A starting dose for a smaller frown or eye wrinkles can start at $135 up to $300 to relax the same areas for a very strong muscle contraction. Please refer to our PRICING TABLE for more information on other areas.

Results vary from person to person but you will be able to see the effects of the treatment within a week*. In most cases, you will begin to notice the treated area slowly relax the muscles in the first 3-4 days*. For some the onset is quick and for others it is slower. Because Botulinum Toxin is a muscle relaxant, (commonly used medically to ease spastic muscle conditions like Cerebral Palsy), you will not feel pain or discomfort, rather it has the sensation of relaxation, which is the opposite to a cramping feeling. In fact, when this treatment is given in the frown or forehead area it can often improve muscle tension and headaches.
There are chances of bruising with any treatment that involves any injection. We take every step to minimise bruising, however bruising risks can be reduced and we discuss these at the consultation. It is important to note that medications and supplements like Nurofen, Fish Oil, Aspirin, GinkoBilba and Vitamin E affect can thin your blood thereby increasing the chances of bruising. Please let your practitioner know what medications you are taking prior to your treatment. However, do not discontinue medication without consulting with your doctor first.