IPL/Laser Treatment for Pigmentation

Improve your complexion with a IPL/Laser Treatment for Pigmentation

Laser Treatment for Pigmentation

We use the latest medical grade Candela-Nordlys system to safely reduce pigmentation and reveal an even skin tone. Living in Queensland’s climate we are constantly exposed to a harsh sun and unfortunately pigmentation can be an inevitable consequence. Pigmentation such as age spots and freckles are concerning for many people, however, laser is now an effective treatment option for those wanting to improve their complexion.

  • Age Spots
  • Freckles
  • Brown Marks (such as Café au lait patches, nevus of ito, nevus of ota)
  • Melasma

Before & After Results

See the Before and After results from IPL/Laser Treatment for Pigmentation.

Hand Pigmentation
Hand Pigmentation
Hand Pigmentation


Treatment Area Single Price
Arms (Upper or Lower) $170
Back 1/4 $170
Décolletage $230
Face (Full) $230
Face 1/2 $120
Face & Neck $280
Neck & Dècolletage $280
Face, Neck & Dècolletage $380
Hands & Fingers $120
Neck $100
Spot $70

Frequently Asked Questions

Have an active infection at the site of treatment

Have active cold sores at time of treatment.

Have excessively tanned skin from the sun.

Have an impaired immune system due to immunosuppressive diseases or medications.

Are taking strong blood thinning medications.

Have metal or other implants in the treatment area.

Have a disease which may be stimulated by light such as Epilepsy, Pyphoria and Systemic Lupus Erythematous.

Melanin is what gives our skin its colour. Pigmented lesions are dark in colour simply because melanin is abnormally concentrated in one area of the skin. The Candela-Nordlys laser produces a specific wavelength of high energy light, which is converted to heat energy to target areas of excessive melanin in the skin. This delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the treated area to reduce pigmentation with proven and effective results. Minimal discomfort is felt with just small burst of heat to the targeted areas. After each laser treatment, a gentle wound healing response leads to new collagen formation and a clinical improvement to the treated area over time. The pigmentation/sun spot will gradually lighten and fade, slowly disappearing. This laser also helps to rebuild collagen leading to improved skin quality.

The Candela Nordlys laser is designed to treat superficial brown spots such as freckles and age spots. It is also effective in removing other brown marks like café au lait patches, Nevus of Ito, and Nevus of Ota. Melasma can sometimes be treated but results can vary – at The Cosmetic Studio Noosa we offer alternative treatment options for Melasma if you are not suitable for laser therapy. Pigmentation treatment may be performed on any area of the body. The usual areas are the areas that have been exposed to the sun, such as the décolletage, hands and face.

Our laser practitioners will perform an initial consultation to assess your suitability for laser treatment. You may be able to have treatment on the same day as your consult however in some cases you may need to wait a week or two to prepare your skin before treatment. During treatment you will be reclined or laying down and you will wear protective eye shields. Your practitioner will set laser parameters according to your specific skin type and the skin condition being treated and will talk you through the process. The heat from the laser pulses may be slightly uncomfortable during and immediately following treatment but is generally well tolerated.

Treatment times vary depending on your specific needs and can take anywhere from a few minutes for a spot treatment, to up to an hour for larger areas. On average 2-3 treatments are needed, these are spaced 4 weeks apart. However the number of treatments required will be based on your body area and skin tone and how deep the pigmentation is into the dermis layer of the skin.

Most clients report a 70% or greater improvement over the duration of their course of treatments for pigmentation removal. Superficial pigment (i.e. sun spots freckles etc.) are the easiest to treat. A satisfactory result is usually seen within 2- 3 treatments. Pigment that is deep or dermal can be stubborn and take up to 6 treatments or more and combination treatment approach may be needed. A strict skin care regime must be followed for best results — we recommend Medik8 White Balance. Dermal pigment can arise at any time due to hormone changes, medications, medical conditions etc. therefore results may be unpredictable.

To go ahead with this treatment you are required to have had a skin check within the past 6 months. You should avoid skin irritation or intentional tanning. Avoiding the sun for at least 4 weeks before treatment is recommended. Tanning creams and spray tans should also be avoided. Treatment of tanned skin may cause blistering or possible pigmentation changes so we cannot treat you while you have a tan. Vitamin A creams and serums should be discontinued 1 week before treatment. Skin should be clean (hair free) and thoroughly cleansed before laser treatment. Please arrive to your appointment with NO MAKEUP. Those with darker olive skin types will be required to prepare skin with medical grade skincare to ensure best results possible and reduce risk of complications. If you are prone to cold sores and are having the face treated you may choose to take an antiviral medication to reduce the risk of a cold sore breakout after treatment.

The treated area will feel like sunburn for a few hours after treatment. The treated pigmentation will look darker and worse than before for the days afterwards, you may also have some redness. Do not be alarmed this is the desired response after treatment. After a few days a micro-crust will begin to form and the dead skin cells will flake off over 7-10 days. Please avoid picking or scratching the treated skin!

Using appropriate after care to keep your treatment area hydrated and moist is a must. We recommend Medik8 Hydr8 B5 serum and Ultimate Recovery Intense cream. Please discuss with your practitioner which products can be used on the body. Use a cold compress after the treatment to reduce any swelling, redness or heat. Do not rub the skin area. Makeup may be used as normal – we recommend Issada Mineral Makeup which will help aid recovery. It is recommend to avoid active skincare (vitamin A, Vitamin C, glycolic acid, scrubs etc) for a week after treatment. Please use gentle products only that have been recommended by your practitioner. Avoid hot tubs and saunas and excessive sweating for two days. After laser therapy, it is strongly recommended that you avoid the sun completely to reduce hyperpigmentation. Strict sun protection for the next 7-10 days is recommended. This includes 50+ Sunscreen with RE-APPLICATION every 2 hours if outdoors or in the water, and don’t forget your hat, sunnies and protective clothes over your treatment area. We recommend Medik8 sunscreen which is available in clinic.

If SPF sunscreen is not used and aftercare is not followed the pigmentation in the treated area may return over time. If this happens, further IPL/laser treatment can be performed. We highly recommend using medical grade skincare and strict sun protection to prevent pigmentation from returning. For best results we recommend the Medik8 White Balance brightening range of skincare which is formulated especially for pigmentation and is available in clinic.

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