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Profhilo Injections

Bio-Stimulating Injections are a new category of injectable treatment that rightly takes its place in the skin regenerative and restorative market. Since 2016 this innovative Italian product has been highly awarded worldwide and revered by clients and clinicians alike. 

This clever technology creates a natural bio-remodelling under the skin’s surface. Its action stimulates the body’s hyaluronic acid (HA), elastin and collagen production, creating a toning and tightening effect, counteracting laxity to restore firmness over the face and body.


Bio-Stimulating Injections are not designed to fill deep lines, plump, add volume, or lift folds like conventional Dermal Filler products. Instead, this highly concentrated, spreadable silky HA filler is specifically designed for those with thin, delicate, lax, crepey fine-lined areas of the face, neck, décolletage, and hands. 

Bio-Stimulating Injections are uncomplicated to use and comfortable to receive. It has minimal downtime due to the small number of injection points required for surprisingly larger surface areas. Although it hosts double the HA volume per syringe than Dermal Fillers, it offers less needle trauma with a far less viscous product in less time.

Suitable candidates usually experience an increase in their skin’s texture, tone, firmness, hydration, elasticity, and quality within days to weeks, lasting around 6 – 9 months. We liken it to spreading lush, high-concentration fertilised HA moisturiser through the skin, offering lovely, natural-looking, rejuvenated results. 

Curious to know more? Book your complimentary consultation and assessment with one of our experienced Cosmetic Nurse Injectors to determine if this treatment is right for you.


  • Face
  • Crepey Cheek Skin
  • Ultra Fine Facial Lines
  • Smokers Lines
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Chest Sleep Lines
  • Upper Hands

Stay Tuned! Bio-Stimulator BODY will  eventually be approved for use for wrinkly arms, knees and tummy.

Before & After Results

See below Before & After results for the Bio-Stimulator treatment.

Profhilo Haenkenium
Profhilo Haenkenium
Profhilo Haenkenium
Profhilo Before and After
Profhilo Before and After


As the ingredients are prescribed medicines, we cannot name the product by its known brand name or list unit or syringe pricing, as per TGA advertising codes and our regulating body, AHPRA.

We offer consultations and assessments with our registered Nurses to determine how to achieve an optimal result for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bio-Stimulator is a skin revitalising treatment. The skin is the body’s largest organ, which loses its elasticity over time, causing fine lines and laxity in thinner-skinned areas, making the application and use of this sleek, slippery product advantageous for skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Ideal areas for treatment include the face, the skin around the mouth, neck, decolletage and hands.

NB: It is NOT indicated close to or around the eyes as it may cause unwanted swelling or puffy eyebags.

Other body areas, such as the tummy, wrinkly arms and knees, are best treated with Bio-Stimulator BODY, which is not yet available in Australia. Don’t worry. As soon as it’s approved, we’ll let you know!

We often get asked this question as people are usually worried about injection pain or the likelihood of bruising. One of this product’s advantages is that it requires far fewer injections than Dermal Fillers because it spreads so well once under the skin over larger surface areas. Therefore, it may only need between 5 –10 precisely placed injection entry points. Bio-Stimulator has been developed with an exclusive injection technique for each client. All injection points are placed in the most anatomically receptive areas to maximise spread-ability and treatment effect.

Bio-Stimulator has one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market and is stabilised using a thermal process, resulting in a low inflammatory response when injected into the skin. Unlike fillers with thicker gel-type consistencies, Bio-Stimulator is more liquid and slippery for spread-ability. It is also injected just under the skin’s surface. In contrast, Dermal Fillers are tissue-tailored to be placed in various depths of the skin and deeper tissues. Fillers vary in thickness and have multiple uses and indications; they can lift sunken volumes, fill lips, and are used to treat deeply etched wrinkles and deep folds. Whereas Bio-Stimulator is solely an upper skin surface regeneration treatment.

NB. The other great advantage of this smooth operator is that Bio-Stimulator holds double the volume in its syringe than a Dermal Filler syringe, which means it can go a long way!

Bio-Stimulator is classified as a skin-boosting product. It works similarly to Skinboosters® Dermal Fillers; by stimulating collagen and hydro-filling the skin. Both products regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. Skinboosters®, however, are thicker gel-like HAs; it is placed slightly deeper in the skin and can be injected directly into finer wrinkles, lines and lips but cannot spread across large areas of thin crepey skin as Bio-Stimulator can! Although the indications and applications are slightly different, both products last around the same time and can be used in combination to great effect.

NB. A syringe of Bio-Stimulator has double the volume of a syringe of Skinboosters®.

It’s all in the preparation! During the initial consultation, your cosmetic nurse assesses your areas of concern, including your health, suitability, treatment expectations, plan, cost, process, aftercare, and risks and benefits. At this point, you may wish to plan your treatment for another day; if so, you will be given more information, including before and after care.

If you are prepared to go ahead after a treatment plan has been agreed upon and you’ve had all your questions addressed and are happy to proceed, you will be asked to read, understand, and sign a consent form. Next, we take your pre-treatment photos of the area to map the progress and improvement; all images are confidential and, like your documented notes, are loaded into your locked clinical file. As this product is a prescribed medication, we are bound by law to have a video consultation with our doctor or nurse practitioner prescriber to obtain your script. Your nurse can repeat this treatment over 12 months when your script expires and needs renewal. Finally, a potent topical anaesthetic cream is applied half an hour prior to the treatment to enhance your comfort. We have a private room where you can relax while your numbing cream works magic!

We take all the steps to ensure you are well cared for at every stage of the treatment process. Part of that involves strict antiseptic techniques and good aftercare by you. A hospital-grade antiseptic solution is used to clean the skin prior to and continuously during your treatment to avoid introducing surface bacteria. Then, the injection sites are marked, and the product is gently injected into the skin in tiny amounts at the injection point sites using an ultra-fine needle. Cooling ice sticks are used throughout to further numb the injection sites and to minimise bleeding and potential bruising. The injection sensation is likened to a mild scratchy achy feeling, similar to that of an anti-wrinkle relaxant injection, which quickly subsides.

Bio- Stimulator improves the elasticity and texture of the skin, restoring and maintaining the skin’s hydro balance. The treatment is quick, typically taking about 30 minutes. Treatment with Bio-Stimulator does not affect facial expression, and the hydrating benefits can commonly be seen immediately and over the following days. Remember, you won’t see the results of collagen and elastin rebuilding till around 4-6 weeks.

After Bio-Stimulator treatment, some reactions might occur; these include slight redness, swelling, itching, bruising, pain, and tenderness. These vary from person to person; some might look spotty, while others may look a bit puffy. However, responses are generally mild to moderate and usually settle shortly after injection with good aftercare management. Typically, most reactions resolve spontaneously within one or two days. Therefore, downtime following treatment is minimal, and many clients can return straight to work. You will be given your aftercare instructions before you leave our clinic, including your encouragement to contact us at any time should you have any concerns.

NB. We recommend using Profhilo Haenkenium cream to help protect, restore, and maintain your results. We stock Profhilo Haenkenium cream in-clinic, please enquire with our helpful staff.


Profhilo Haenkenium cream is an innovative formula packed with antioxidants needed for maintaining cellular youth and vitality.

It contains a hyaluronic acid complex that hydrates the skin and a specific dry extract from the plant Salvia Haenkei: Haenkenium, the formula that nourishes and protects the skin from premature ageing caused by oxidative stress factors, such as pollution, excess exposure to UV rays, poor diet, smoking and life’s everyday stresses.

Profhilo Haekenium cream is an excellent adjunct to your bio-regenerating injectable treatment. This power-packed but lightweight cream serum is suitable for all skin types. It can also be used safely following cosmetic treatments as it soothes irritated, red and inflamed skin whilst restoring skin hydration.

One of the significant advantages of Bio-Stimulator treatment is that the effects are longer-lasting but not permanent; permanent products are known to cause permanent problems! Therefore, it is recommended to have a complete course of treatments; that is, two treatments one month apart with a follow-up session recommended at 6-9 months. Around this time, the product gradually breaks down naturally in your skin, and as your skin continues to age with time, top-up treatments are suggested once or twice yearly to maintain its youthful, supple glow and strength.

Duration depends on many factors, such as the individual’s skin type, skin condition, lifestyle, and age. As a result, some will get less, while others will get great longevity from their treatments. Some benefit from using Profhilo Haenkenium cream, which is an excellent adjunct to your bio-regenerating injectable treatment. This power-packed but lightweight cream serum is suitable for all skin types. It can also be used safely following cosmetic treatments as it soothes irritated, red and inflamed skin whilst restoring skin hydration. Please enquire with our lovely front desk staff. These factors and how many treatments you’ll need will be discussed during your consultation.

Bio-Stimulator has proved itself with an excellent safety record since its European launch in 2015. common reactions that may occur include slight redness, swelling, heat, itching, bruising, mild pain or tenderness at the injection site. Moreover, some injection-related reactions may occur after any injection; they typically resolve spontaneously within a few days. Product-related reactions have been rarely reported. The following more serious adverse reactions have been reported; infection, hypersensitivity, granulomas, skin discolouration or necrosis in the frown area, (NB We do not treat this area with Bio-Stimulator). The rarer adverse complication of blindness, associated with Dermal Fillers, has not been reported with Bio-Stimulator to date.

Bio-Stimulator should not be used in or near skin areas with skin disease, inflammation, or skin-related problems. Bio-Stimulator has not been tested in pregnant or breastfeeding women. Individuals with medical conditions that lower the body’s immune response or individuals undergoing immunosuppressive therapy may be more prone to infection by a skin injection procedure. During your pre-treatment consultation, you should thoroughly discuss your medical history with your treating nurse and our medical prescriber.

NB. Those who are unsuitable for Bio-Stimulator may benefit from Profhilo Haenkenium cream, an innovative formula packed with antioxidants needed for maintaining cellular youth and vitality. Please enquire with our lovely front desk staff.

We recommend you have a two-week gap before or after other treatments and vaccinations to give your skin and immune system time to recover and heal. Treatment examples include but are not limited to:
Anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler injections, other cosmetic injections, cosmetic needling, skin tightening, skin peels and all light and cryotherapies, such as laser and IPL. If you are unsure, please ask our friendly front desk or clinical staff!

Bio-Stimulator products are biodegradable, so the body naturally breaks them down. A top-up appointment is recommended for some at the one month mark, and then 6-9 months after your initial Bio-Stimulator course of treatments for optimal and long-lasting results. You can also book a review or follow-up appointment four weeks after your treatment at no further cost if you have questions about the results.

If you have any concerns or experiencing severe pain, prolonged redness, swelling or marked bruising after your treatment, we strongly encourage you to call the clinic and speak with one of our clinicians. We also offer an after-hours service via social media should you have any worries and need to talk to our nurse on call.

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