Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a Vitamin A Peel?

    This peel is a prescription only treatment that is used to address signs of skin ageing, acne and pigmentation.

  • Is there any down time?

    In most cases there is minimal downtime however your skin can be a little bit red similar to sunburn and you can expect flaking and peeling at around day 3. The degree of peeling varies between individuals and can continue for a few days. If the Vitamin A peel is performed in combination with Dermapen skin needling then peeling is generally more intense. Any redness can be covered the next day with Mineral Makeup and keeping the skin hydrated with products provided by will help to disguise flaking.
  • What will I look like immediately after the treatment?

    Immediately after your skin will have a slight yellow tinge, the therapist will massage the Vitamin A Peel into your skin but some residue may be seen in certain lights. Your Peel will need to stay on overnight and can be washed off the next morning. 
  • What should I avoid after my treatment?

    The Vitamin A Peel needs to stay on overnight. So you will need to avoid washing your skin. You will also need to avoid of any type of heat and refrain from exercising right afterwards. Sunscreen and a hat should be worn outside as your skin will be very sensitive to sunlight. You must avoid touching your skin or peeling off any flaking skin, this needs to fall away naturally.
  • How soon will I see results from a Vitamin A Peel?

    Results from this treatment should be seen between 2–4 weeks depending on what we are treating the skin for. 
  • How long will this treatment take?

    This treatment takes approximately 20 minutes. The skin is double cleansed and the peel is applied to the treatment area.  

*Results and longevity of treatments vary on an individual basis and can be dependant on a person’s age, genetics, skin type, skin condition, environmental factors and lifestyle habits. Just like ageing is a natural process that occurs over time, preventing, achieving and maintaining results is also a gradual process that may involve more than one treatment.