What’s Vicki’s Secret to 60?

Our Clinic founder opens up about her cosmetic journey and what treatments have kept her youthful & vibrant at 60!

When did you start having cosmetic treatments?

I started working in the cosmetic medical industry when I was 35 years old and this is when I began having cosmetic treatments. My first treatment was Anti-wrinkle Injections into my already deeply etched frown. I had seen ‘Botox’ used in the treatment of kids with cerebral palsy in my years as a Paediatric Nurse but didn’t think it would work on my big frown. WOW! It worked alright, just like magic soothing my cranky looking frown within a week. I clearly remember the Cosmetic Physician I was working with at the time saying ‘Use the power wisely’. I now understand what he meant.

Back then we would only treat Frown Lines with Anti-Wrinkle Injections, and Dermal Filler was only used for the Lip borders and Nose to Mouth Lines. The Injectable product range has expanded and evolved over time to meet the demand for multiple indications and areas to treat. And new innovations with injecting techniques with Muscle Relaxants and Dermal Fillers are constantly being developed. I’ve developed a few techniques of my own, but that’s another story.

As a relatively new field in medicine we have had to learn by trial and error and Cosmetic Nurses and Doctors alike have become much better at using injectables thanks to ongoing education, conferences and clinical training. Being a Clinical Trainer has taught me a lot and has helped me appreciate that safety and efficacy of product use is paramount, as is the ‘less is more’ approach with facial ageing!

Over the last 25 years I’ve had the opportunity to actively observe my own face age. I’ve seen what cosmetic treatments work (and don’t work) in my 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, as well as in my clients, some of which still see me today. Interestingly, I’ve learnt much from my loyal clients, primarily that you are never too old or it’s never too late to keep yourself looking your best. My most senior client who taught me that lesson is 94!

So many people comment on your skin when they come in to the Studio – what would you say is the biggest contributor to your skin’s overall health and luminosity?

Keeping the skin palette lustrous and vibrant is the key to healthy looking, youthful radiance. From our 30’s onwards we make less collagen and our dead skin cells clump on the surface making our skin look dry and dull. Having good light reflection on the skin is the key. There’s no point having Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle Relaxant if your skin is dehydrated, sun damaged or plagued by outbreaks. It’s important to start using a quality home Skincare routine and wear your 50+ sunscreen when you are young. Because of my earlier years sunbaking my skin pigmented and I developed wrinkles by the time I was 30, and having an early menopause meant my skin dried out very quickly by my 40’s. Medical Grade Peels, Dermapen Skin Needling & Laser treatments have all worked to rejuvenate my skins surface for a fresher faced glow at 60!

What are your go-to treatments?

I have had Anti-Wrinkle Relaxants for years. I hardly have this treatment anymore as I have weakened all the right muscles over time. I am able to move my facial muscles more naturally and allow a few little wrinkles to show my expressions. Having facial movement is really important as you age and especially so when you have a very animated face, like mine! Overall I have been able to reduce the wrinkle sprinkles to maybe once or twice a year when I give my forehead a wee tweak, lift my hooded eyebrows, smooth my dimpling chin and give my loose neck bands a tightening.

I don’t have Muscle Relaxant around my eyes anymore, as I don’t like how it pulls on my increasingly lax eye skin. Instead I have my fave Dermal Filler of all time – Skinboosters around the eyes with a Cannula technique (as I’m a big bruiser!). Cannula reduces the risk of bruising because the tip is rounded and causes less tissue trauma than sharp needles. I also like the natural look so prefer the soft wrinkles and movement around my eyes. To help with the very fine crinkles that creep in, I’ve used Factor4 Serum (my own blood plasma) used under my eyes with a cannula.

I have had my deep under eye hollows filled with our thick lifting filler twice since I turned 50, that was 10 years ago and I haven’t had them done since. Lifting Dermal Fillers are a great restorative treatment for the 50+ age group, we all experience a degree of downward movement of our facial fat pads either under our eyes, from our cheeks and down around the jowls. Lifting and restoring techniques along with newer softer lifting fillers for the more mature faces have advanced greatly. I have recently had the latest ReJAWvenation filler technique to sharpen my jawline and lift those jowls. Again, it’s all about subtlety and the skill of your injector.

One area that shows your age is your hands. So I’ve had that Skinboosters injected into the top of my hands to improve the skin’s tone, texture and elasticity. The beauty of this treatment is it lasts and lasts. I’ve had my hands treated 3 times in 9 years!

Every second year I have a very fine, soft lip filler treatment to add hydration. I like the shape of my lips already so I prefer to have a natural hydrated look with no volume increase.

Lastly, I have a Medical Grade Peel & Dermapen treatment once a year to help with skin cell turnover. This is particularly important especially for women who are going through menopause.

What skincare do you use?

I keep my skincare routine simple, as I am very busy and time poor so I want skincare that works, and works well. My biggest concern is pigmentation so I use products to manage this and keep it at bay. Medik8 White Balance Serum is my go-to for pigmentation. I also use Alpha H’s Beauty Sleep Power Peel once a week and Liquid Gold particularly before makeup application to smooth my skin.

Sunscreen application is paramount for me especially with my pigmentation so I use Alpha H’s 50+ Sunscreen. It’s my choice because of its light consistency, as I hate thick, oily sunscreens on my skin.

What about makeup?

I don’t like a powder finish for makeup and prefer to go with a dewy ‘no-makeup’ look so I use Issada’s CC8 Cream in Autumn. These minerals are perfect for nourishing mature skin types with all those vitamins and added sunscreen protection. For night time wear, I do a double layer for a fuller coverage.

Who does your treatments?

My team of course! Brooke our Dermal Therapist does all my Medical Grade Peels, Laser and Dermapen treatments whilst our Cosmetic Nurses Maddie, Bec or Alana do my injectable treatments.

What advice do you have for others?

Less is best, when it comes to cosmetic treatments, especially as you age. Focus on looking good for your age, no matter what your age. It’s never too late to look great, which gives us confidence and that makes us happy. Maintain healthy skin with effective medical grade topical skincare, stop wasting your money on useless creams that do nothing. Have what I call ‘The Annual Buff n Polish’ which are treatments that work to resurface, rehydrate and rejuvenate ageing or problem skin. A glowing skin reflects youthfulness and vitality so do the upkeep and wear your 50+ sunscreen. Finally, good cosmetic injectable work should be very hard to pick, it’s a skilled hand that can achieve great results, so when you find a someone skilled, who doesn’t look overdone (and doesn’t try to upsell you) think about entrusting them with your face. And they’ll use the power wisely!