Our newlywed, Ashleigh, has just returned from tying the knot and is here to spill the steps she took to get ready for the big day! Read below to find out all her tips for skin treatments and injectables before you say, “I Do”.

How far ahead did you start your skin prep?

I started prepping my skin at least six months before the big day. As most treatments, such as skin peels, skin needling and Tixel, are recommended 4-6 weeks apart, I wanted to complete a whole treatment plan before my wedding day. Additionally, I simplified my skincare routine. I have susceptible and dry skin, so laying off active ingredients and avoiding new products helped give my skin a break. I kept things simple and hydrating instead; Medik8’s Hydra B5 Intense serum was my skin’s best friend!

What skin treatments did you have to get ready for the big day?

I began by working out a treatment plan with our lovely Paramedical Skin Therapist, Brooke. We combined skin treatments depending on what my skin needed each month. I completed a series of Dermapen and Vitamin A peels when my skin felt dull, congested, and textured in the warmer months. We also mixed in two Tixel treatments with the open channelling setting to boost my skin’s hydration to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Brooke also tackled the redness in my cheeks and broken capillaries around my nose and chin with the IPL laser. The week before my wedding, I also had three LED Healite treatments to give my skin one final boost and rejuvenation before my big day!

Combining all these treatments helped even out my skin tone and increased my hydration; I noticed my skin looked brighter and healthier. I wish there were a magic “fix-all” treatment, but sometimes it takes different treatments to address your skin concerns. I recommend that brides start with a skin consultation 6-12 months before their wedding, so they can begin working on their skin early, as this is most important.

What cosmetic treatments did you have?

I had a few sprinkles of anti-wrinkle injections in my forehead, frown and chin to help smooth any movement and ensure my makeup sat beautifully on the day. I also had the soft, luscious lip filler to even out some asymmetry in my lips and hydrate and plumped them, ready for that big moment!

What skincare products did you add to your skin routine?

I simplified my skincare routine rather than add too much as my skin is so irritable. I introduced Medik8’s Clarity peptides to my way early in the year to help regulate my oil production. This allowed me to stay on top of my congestion and support my skin barrier. I also used Surface Radiance Cleanse and the Ultimate Recovery Cream from Medik8 for my dry, sensitive skin.

Tell us about your skin and makeup on the day…

I exfoliated the night before and used the rich Ultimate recovery cream to hydrate and protect my skin. In the morning, I cleansed and used a light moisturiser and the Issada Canvas Primer to prep my skin. I boldly chose to do my makeup as I know how I like it, and I’m so happy I did! I used a mix of the Issada CC8 cream and Mineral Velvet Cream for a medium-full coverage base and finished with the Mineral Pressed Powder to lock everything in place. I love this combination as it gives my skin even coverage while remaining dewy and doesn’t move all day. I even had my videographer say I had the perfect skin he had seen, the best compliment ever.

What’s your best advice for brides to be?

Planning is everything! Don’t start new injectables or skin treatments a month before your wedding. I see so many brides deciding to try their first injectable treatment close to their wedding day. However, we need to be sensible and allow enough time for the therapy to heal and get the perfect result we want. You may need multiple treatments to see improvement in skin treatments, so it’s always best to start super early to ensure you are happy with everything on your big day.

My advice for the day is to enjoy every moment as it goes in the blink of an eye! Make sure to take time during the day to savour those first moments as husband and wife.

Complimentary Consultations are Available!

Take Ash’s advice and plan if you’re getting ready for upcoming nuptials! We offer complimentary consultations with our Clinician so we can work out a treatment plan that’s right for you and get you those beautiful results for the big day. To make a booking, you can call the clinic on 07 5447 4227, email enquiries@thecosmeticstudionoosa.com or contact us on social media.