Before Sadie joined our fab front desk team, she was a skin-obsessed seeker, looking for somewhere to repair, refreshen and maintain her skin, and slow the signs of ageing. Read below her first experiences with the clinic, from why she chose us and how her treatments went.

What made you choose The Cosmetic Studio Noosa?

I’m a typical Virgo and like to do heaps of research before deciding. It took me over a year to pick the splashback tiles in our kitchen! I looked through Google reviews, Instagram, Facebook, and websites before choosing Cosmetic Studio Noosa to start my treatment journey. Once I walked in the door, I knew I was in the right place. The girls were so relaxed and friendly and put my mind at ease before we went ahead with anything. Also, I saw they stocked Medik8, one of my favourite skincare brands – so I trusted their judgement.

How did you find your initial consultation? Whom did you see?

I’ve seen Nikki for all my treatments, a Cosmetic Nurse with an extensive background as a Skin Therapist. She was the perfect fit for me and has been excellent in guiding me through this journey. She knew I was after a natural look and to prevent aging rather than correct. Nikki is knowledgeable yet relaxed. She was great at explaining what would be overkill for my situation and developed a maintenance plan that factored in my rosacea. There were no silly questions about what I wanted to know or achieve – Nikki was fab, and I’d recommend her to anyone coming in for their first consultation. There was no hard selling which was a huge positive.

What treatment plan did you both come up with?

We decided to go with some Dysport, an Anti-Wrinkle Relaxant for my forehead wrinkling to reduce movement and a lip flip to relax my top lip, which has a mind of its own! We also started on Profhilo, an injectable skin bio-stimulator to improve my skin’s integrity and firmness. Finally, before a big trip back home to the UK, I had a bit of lip filler to give a bit of plumpness and fix asymmetry. I was worried it would look too much, but Nikki did a great job, and they looked perfect. Since joining the team, I’ve also loved Tixel and Skin Needling treatments to improve my skin texture and condition.

How did you find your treatments?

My Dysport (Botox) treatments were relatively straightforward, with zero downtime and pleasing results by Day 7. Although the lip filler was instant and lush, I had some swelling and tiny bruises soon after, and I was anxious I’d done a Meg Ryan! Luckily, it’s temporary and all part of what can happen after a lip treatment. So the staff brought me in for a review the next day and put me under the Healite to improve my recovery in time for my big trip. And the icing on the cake is that my skin looks luminescent after my Bio Stimulator treatments! I’ll maintain these treatments. They are a valuable investment in my overall skin health and appearance.

When did you start to see results?

After four weeks, I started to see results from the Profhilo, the Bio Stimulator. The best results came after the second round, and I could see a change in my skin with its lustre and sheen giving me quite the glow. I have recently lost almost 20kgs and was worried my face would be a bit saggy. Still, the Bio Stimulator lifted me back up without adding volume, improving my skin’s elasticity, which I needed.

Did you add any skincare products to your routine?

I’ve recently added the Medik8 Crystal Retinal 10 to my skin routine. I’m a skincare junkie and tried many products when first starting. I’m undoubtedly guilty of going a bit hard and overcomplicating my regime. I tried a prescription-based retinol (Vitamin A), which was too strong and traumatised my delicate skin, so I returned to basics. I have found that CR10 gives me the results in a super sophisticated formula without irritation. I always wake up with glowing skin the following day.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting on their skin transformation journey?

Take it slowly. It’s easy to get excited and want everything all at once. However, it takes months of consistency to see results. Give it time if you’re having injectables and laser treatments – it’s easy to be impatient! Secondly, take before and after photos for yourself. When you look at yourself in the mirror daily, you can forget where you started and how far you’ve come!

Complimentary Consultations are Available!

We offer complimentary consultations with our Clinician so we can work out a treatment plan that’s right for you and get you the results you’re after. To make a booking, you can call the clinic on 07 5447 4227, email or contact us on social media.