3 ways Maddie can restore facial volume loss

Madeline Bishop, Cosmetic Nurse

1. Lift & Softly Fill the Cheeks From $725

My favourite treatment is restoring volume to the cheeks using soft lifting filler for beautiful natural enhancement and lift to the whole face. I feel cheek filler really gives a noticeable improvement without looking like you have had anything ‘done’.

2. Hydrate & Add Subtle Volume to Lips Priced at $475

As we get older we all lose volume in our lips – we can restore this volume very naturally with subtle hydrating filler. In this case we are not aiming to give you lips you never had, but to restore the volume you have lost, smooth lines and rehydrate. This particular treatment is known as a ‘Lip Drink’. You can read more about this treatment here.

Lip Filler
3. Soften Nose to Mouth Lines From $380

The marionette fold or ‘puppet lines’ that run down the sides of the mouth appear as we age and can give a sad or grumpy appearance to the face (when we in fact feel great!). By using filler we can restore volume in this area, soften lines and lift the mouth corners to give a refreshed appearance and turn that mouth frown upside down! See a case study of this treatment here.

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