Refresh your look in one appointment 

Bec Stacey, Cosmetic Nurse

As a mother of three, I understand the effects that lack of sleep, balancing work and home life, plus general ageing can have on the skin. I believe that subtle treatments that improve the overall quality and hydration of the skin can really boost a person’s confidence. These treatments are my go-to for a general refresh of your skin.

Try a Skinbooster Treatment FROM $380

From the age of 35 our skin loses 1% of is its collagen every year, which is our skin’s scaffolding and firming structure. Collagen also holds moisture and gives our skin it’s natural glow and vitality. Collagen loss creates loss of tone and elasticity and fine lines begin to form, then the skin starts to look dull and becomes dehydrated. The other two activities that hasten collagen loss and damage our skins stores are smoking & sun baking. Luckily help is here! We have a clever little dermal filler called ‘Skinbooster’ that not only draws hydrating water back into the skin, it stimulates your own collagen growth leaving the skin firmer, with a more radiant and youthful glow. I love using it for nose to mouth lines, fine lines around the lips, crow’s feet lines, or to improve the overall health and quality of dehydrated, crepey skin.


How do you achieve this result? This model was treated with 2mls of Skinbooster which is priced at $650. Each side was treated with 1ml to achieve this result. You can click here to read more about Skinbooster.

Anti-Wrinkle for a Cranky Frown FROM $147

This is the most popular area for Muscle Relaxant treatments as frown lines can give the illusion that you’re tired and cranky, even when you’re not! A few days after treatment ‘cranky’ lines are softened and smoothed giving your face a more restful appearance. Clients often comment on how much brighter and relaxed they look and feel.

Dermal Filler for Tired Eyes FROM $595

Under eye hollows and dark circles is a common concern for clients as it makes them look and feel old and worn. I find using dermal fillers to lift and smooth the area very rewarding as it really brightens and refreshes your appearance and instantly makes you look less tired! And because this is not a high movement area fillers have great longevity lasting anywhere from 8-12 months making it a very cost effective treatment.

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