Cost is dependent on how many sessions are needed, and how large or small the area is being treated to achieve optimal corrections. Most clients require 2-4 sessions per area depending on the severity of their skin, therefore we have package plans that reduce the cost (per session) if more sessions are needed.

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Full Treatment Areas Full Face, Jawline, Neck Area or Underarms for Hyperhidrosis

First Treatment$725
Second Treatment$625
Third Treatment$525
Fourth Treatment$425

Half Treatment Areas Eye Area, Mouth Area or Cheek Area

First Treatment$425
Second Treatment$375
Third Treatment$325
Fourth Treatment$275
Infini Standard Terms & Conditions
To take advantage of our Infini pyramid pricing structure, each treatment has to be spaced a maximum of 2 months apart. If you require more than 4 treatments, treatment number 4 pricing will be applicable for future treatments as long as each treatment is spaced a maximum of 2 months apart. If your subsequent treatment falls outside of the 2-month interval, you will need to start back at treatment 1 pricing.