The dermal filler range comes in various thickness and lifting capacity. Each filler has different abilities which are required to treat various conditions or areas. How much it costs will depend on which filler is needed for the area and (in some cases) how many fillers are needed to achieve an optimal correction.

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Type of Dermal FillerPrice (1ml)
Thick Long Lasting Volume Filler
To replace facial volume & re-shape facial contours in cheeks, chin & mid face
Medium Lifting Filler
To lift deep facial folds, eye hollowing & heavy mouth corners
Medium Line Filler
To fill medium to heavy facial lines, wrinkles and scarring
Fine Hydrating Filler (Skinbooster)
To soften fine lines, rehydrate & improve skin texture of face, hands, chest
Soft Lush Long Lasting Lip Filler
To fill & soften the pout with added lip contouring & naturalness
Plumping Lip Filler
To add extra volume & shape to smaller or finer lips
Hydrating Lip Filler
To very subtly rehydrate thin dry lips