Anti-Wrinkle Relaxants

We charge by the Unit. Because of legislation we are not allowed to name the brand of Anti-Wrinkle Injections we use, however we can say that our unit price is $4 per Unit, (equivalent to $12 per unit of another known brand). How much your treatment will cost will depend on how many Units you will need to relax and smooth the area and how many areas you are having treated. See the list below as a guide:

  • FROWN from $180
  • EYES from $200
  • BROW LIFT from $60
  • GUMMY SMILE from $12-$38
  • LIP FLIP from $12-$38
  • FOREHEAD from $80
  • NOSE LINES from $60
  • SMOKERS LINES from $60
  • MOUTH CORNER LIFT from $40
  • CHIN from $60
  • NECK LIFT from $320
  • Masseter Muscles (Jaw) from $320-$480