Perfect Pre-Party Skin Treatments

Our favourite, no downtime treatments for perfect party skin

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Why is it good? This no downtime treatment stimulates collagen production, kills acne bacteria, calms redness, creates supple more refined skin and leaves you with a beautiful beaming glow.

How does it work? Our Dermal Therapist turns down the heat on our GentleMax Pro Laser and ever so lightly hovers over your skin with tiny sprinkles of laser energy that work to softly but beautifully bring life to lacklustre skin.

How much is it? $190 or $152 when you purchase a 3 treatment pack

Pro-X Gel Peel

Why is it good? This is the perfect pre-party peel with no downtime and great results. With 30% glycolic acid this peel sloughs away dead skin and reveals instantly brighter and more vibrant skin. The perfect prep treatment prior to makeup application.  This peel leaves the skin silky soft, dewy & radiant.

How does it work? We use a multi-step approach for this treatment. It includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, peel application, neutralising treatment & Vitamin C mask.

How much is it? $150

Healite II

Why is it good? This treatment is our go-to for improving your skin’s healing time, calming acne breakouts, minimising redness and eradicating acne bacteria on the skin.

How does it work? This treatment uses LED Light and works at a cellular level by delivering concentrated energy deep into your tissues. With different light setting for different conditions, this treatment is customised to your skin. We love this treatment as it’s super relaxing and makes you feel like you’re sunbaking on the beach without the harmful effects of UV.

How much is it? $99 or just $35 when added on to any other treatment

Top 3 Pre-Party Products

Liquid Gold by Alpha-H $59.95

If you haven’t already got a bottle of this then you’re missing out! This stuff is a must-have for every make-up bag. Give you skin a joosh prior to makeup application for the ultimate step in your skincare routine. Makeup artists all over the world boast about this product being their first step prior to makeup application.

Mineral Liquid Light Concealer by Issada $55.00

The perfect product for under eyes! A concealer and under eye treatment rolled into one magic concealer wand. Combines a cocktail of multi-minerals and key ingredient Gotu Kola which works to relax under eye muscles and prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Great for perking up party eyes!

Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Masque by Alpha-H $65.00

It’s name says it all…because it does just that! Smooth and perfect your skin with this at-home face treatment. Get dewy, hydrated, clear skin with this once-a-week mask. Excellent for use over the silly season. Keeps oil at a minimum and breakouts at bay especially when you’re partying all day!