We are thrilled to announce that we have been given approval by the Department of Health to re-open our doors on Tuesday 5th May 2020! 

The Government require us to abide by certain conditions in keeping our community safe from the Coronavirus. So it is important that we all adhered to and maintain these health recommendations, just as we have done prior to our closure. 

Please review the following guidelines which will be implemented by our clinic in maintaining everyone’s safety, using universal precautions and physical distancing:

Although some may have reservations and feel strongly about their privacy in downloading the COVIDSafe App, we will be asking all of our staff and clients to voluntarily download the App before coming into our clinic. The App helps to identify if you have come in contact with anyone with the Coronavirus. This protects you, your family, your friends and us! Click here to Download

All appointments are to be made by Phone 5447 4227 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or Social Media.

While taking your appointment, you will be asked health and at-risk questions related to COVID-19, i.e. Have you been exposed to anyone with COVID-19? Have you been overseas in the last two weeks? And if so, have you been in self-isolation for 2 weeks? Are you or anyone in your household unwell and do you have any respiratory symptoms i.e. a temperature/cold/flu/sinus/hay fever/a cough/sore throat/aches & pains/sniffles?

We CANNOT take walk-in appointments due to in-clinic physical distancing restrictions.

Extra people are NOT allowed to accompany you to your appointment, i.e. children, family, friends.

Your temperature will be taken at the door entry before you enter the clinic. If your temperature is elevated, you will not be allowed into the clinic, and you will not be treated by our staff.

You will be asked to sanitise your hands, mobile phone and cards on entering, before using EFTPOS and on leaving.

All appointments will be spaced with 15 minutes in-between each appointment.

You will be asked to fill out and sign a simple COVID-19 Check List consent form.

Anti-Wrinkle Relaxant Treatments will be 15 minutes. Dermal Filler Treatments will be 30 minutes with 15 minutes for numbing cream.

Where possible, please call or order your skincare from our online Skin Shop, Shop here.  All orders can be picked up from the clinic once ready.

Clients turning up early or late will have to wait outside or re-schedule by phone if the clinic is already at regulation capacity.

Staff will adhere to sanitation practices and take every precaution to clean all door handles, taps, hand sanitiser pump tops, the front door inside/outside, reception counter, toilet door, clinic doors, fridge doors, treatment beds and surfaces where you or they have had contact.

Staff will wear masks. If clients are having upper facial areas treated, they will be asked to wear a mask.

We take the greatest of pride in our standards and workplace practices and want you to feel comfortable knowing that we are doing everything in our power to provide a safe environment for everyone. 

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you all. 

Vicki & The Team