The wait is over! Bio-Stimulator Treatment is here. And one of the first lucky people to receive this super slinky, ultra-easy-to-inject, and minimally invasive skin toning rejuvenator was our ever-vibrant and soon-to-be glowing clinic Director, Miss Vicki!

We’ve been waiting 3 years for this unique injectable skin bio-remodelling treatment to be TGA approved. Among other attributes, it contains the highest concentration of HA on the market. Whoo-Hoo! Bio- Stimulator is intended to improve and restore the skin’s laxity on the face, neck, chest and body (Bio-Stimulator BODY is yet to be approved in Australia). This innovative Italian technology tightens, hydrates, strengthens and soothes as it repairs and restores our skin’s collagen, elastin and adipocyte scaffolding over time.

Consequently, Bio-Stimulator has won awards in Europe over the past 6 years. Its filled a gap in the injectables market. It has been hailed by men and women alike as one of the best skin rejuvenating and natural-looking injectable treatments. Who doesn’t want that?

“All of this is exciting news for those of us with thin, dry, crepey, sun-damaged or menopausal skins. Because finally, we have an injectable product that won’t overfill or puff up your face”, says Vicki. “Injectables have got a bad name from bad injecting practices and poor ethical standards, she continues. As someone who has been injecting and training for over 26 years, I’ve not only seen how faces age, including my own, I’ve seen and had to repair a lot of bad work. Most women over 40 don’t want ‘Pillow Face’ that look of being over-corrected with fillers. Being in my early 60’s now, with a naturally round face, I certainly don’t want any more volume either! My adage regarding injectables is, Less Is More The More You Age.”

Profhilo treatment

And with all that in mind, our Miss Vicki sat excitedly in the chair awaiting her Bio Stimulator Treatment. This treatment does not need messy numbing cream; it’s very comfortable. Instead, the areas were cleansed and marked up, with 5-10 injection points per area. Each injection point was filled with a small amount of product just under the skin, creating a bean-sized mound that gets absorbed and spreads through the skin over 6-24 hours. Vicki said the injections felt very similar to Anti-Wrinkle Relaxant injections, “A bit of a short-lasting scratchy sting”.

The other great advantage of Bio- Stimulator is that this double volume luxe treatment is quick to perform; minimal injections are needed compared to other dermal fillers. Less injections means less trauma, i.e. less bruising, swelling, redness, and downtime. The good news is most reactions resolve spontaneously within one or two days. There are still risks, but they are low compared to standard injectable filing agents.

Everyone wants to know what they’ll look like after this treatment. Vicki tells us, “I looked like I had midges bites over me when I got out of that chair! However, when I woke up the next day, they were gone. I got a small bruise at the base of my neck. I am a notorious bleeder and bruiser, so to me, that was ‘Meh’! A bit of arnica cream and makeup, and I was back to work. Also, my face usually swells after filler, but not from this treatment. Twenty-four hours later, my skin did look and feel rather silky-smooth, though. That lovely goop was making its way across my skin doing its fab bio-stimulating hydrating thing! If you’re in the clinic, check out my skin and its progress and see for yourself, I’m always happy to show and tell.”

Vicki understands that bio-regenerators take time to work their magic. It’s not an instant result, like dermal fillers. You have to wait before you see the peak results. “It’s a bit like growing grass (your collagen) with fertiliser (the Profhilo Haenkenium); it can take 4-6 weeks before you see your best results”, Vicki says. Depending on the severity, it is recommended to have a complete course of treatments; that is, two treatments one month apart with a follow-up session recommended at 6-9 months. Around this time, the product gradually breaks down naturally in your skin. Top-up treatments are suggested once or twice yearly to maintain a youthful, supple glow and strength. “We have a lot of loyal, mature clients with skin laxity and other issues that’ll be very interested in this product, so we’re offering an affordable package”, Vicki adds.

Now we have a tool that subtly improves the skin’s quality, tone, and texture, hopefully changing how we practice cosmetic medicine. And that has got to be a gorgeously good look for every skin!