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Infini RF is the latest anti-ageing technology NEW to The Sunshine Coast. Includes a complimentary skin soothing and calming HEALITE II LED therapy at the end of each session to hasten your skin’s recovery.


The INFINI RF (Radio-Frequency) device is state-of-the-art technology that uses your own body’s healing response to boost collagen within the skin through delivery of radio frequency heat waves, and micro-needling. Unlike other RF treatments, INFINI has adjustable, insulated microneedles to deliver precise thermal (heating) energy at varying depths targeting collagen remodelling for a variety of skin conditions, thus making it a versatile multi skin treatment apparatus. INFINI’S advanced energy delivery system offers significantly higher, yet safer heating, with less discomfort, downtime and risks associated with other Fraxel and Laser systems.

  • Sagging, lax, loose facial skin
  • Tightening of the jaw line, jowls, neck
  • Improves fine lines around the mouth, cheeks & under eyes
  • Can tighten and lift heavy upper eyelids
  • Restores photo-aged, sun damaged skin
  • Reduces excessive underarm sweating (Hyperhydrosis)
  • Improves scarring, especially ice-pick type acne scars
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks
  • Skin tightening and increased tone of lax skin
  • Skin textural improvement from micro needling and thickening of collagen
  • Delivers higher amounts of energy than other devices without burning the skin
  • Tissue volumisation without the risk of damage to facial fat cells
  • Radio Frequency waves & HEALITE are safe to use on pregnant or lactating mothers
  • Safer and less risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation than lasers
  • You can resume normal activity, including outdoor sports and exercise the next day, without risk of burning or skin damage to the treated area, as long as you protect the area with SPF 50+ sunscreen
  • The radio frequency waves can be precisely targeted at varying depths of the skin to treat several conditions
  • Can be used on all skin colours; from very light to very dark skinned people
  • Can be used for all skin types; fine dry skin, to thick oily skin with large pores and scarred skin
  • Less discomfort and a quicker recovery than Fraxel or ablative lasers
  • Ideal for those considering plastic surgery but don’t want the risks, costs, or downtime of surgery
  • Offers smoother, supple, tighter more natural looking youthful skin
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Infini RF work?

    Skin Needling and Radio Frequency (RF) are well established collagen stimulation treatments that are normally performed separately. However INFINI combines these technologies in a single treatment to give maximum results. The micro needles deliver RF energy creating thousands of micro coagulation zones which creates a natural healing process that replaces the damaged zones with new re-modelled collagen and elastin to improve skin quality.


    Unlike external RF devices that deliver heat through the surface of the skin, the INFINI delivers heat internally using insulated micro needles – creating fractional heating, not bulk heating which allows the epidermis (top layer of skin) to be safely protected from the heat. This means this treatment is very safe and effective for all skin types. Each treatment session places 50,000+ micro coagulation zones with precise energy delivery for maximum collagen stimulation.


    Prior to treatment your skin will be numbed with a powerful aesthetic cream for one hour to minimise discomfort. In some cases, an injectable local anaesthetic may be used. The skin is then cleansed with antiseptic solution. Using the INFINI hand piece, the treatment area is systematically stamped to deliver thousands of micro-injuries to the skin. Your skin is cleansed again with antiseptic solution, then the LED HEALITE II is used to calm and sooth your skin at the end of your treatment.

  • Does the treatment hurt?

    The treatment is generally very comfortable in most areas, however there may be some discomfort felt over boney prominences such as the jawline and cheekbone. To avoid discomfort the flesh is pinched and pulled up away from the boney parts. Most patients report the procedure as a 2-4 out of 10 for discomfort (10 being highest pain). Each area is usually treated with 3 depths and 2 passes for each depth. The skin will feel hot and tight and pinpoint bleeding may occur during treatment but quickly resolves. All clients are put under the soothing and calming HEALITE II immediately after which rapidly heals the heated tissues.

  • How long does a treatment take to perform?

    Before performing your treatment we go over the process and aftercare in consultation. Then, after obtaining your consent and take pre-treatment photos, we prepare your skin with a numbing agent, all of which takes about 45 minutes. The INFINI treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to perform depending on the area treated. We then put the HEALITE II over the area for 10-15 minutes to sooth and calm your skin. You can expect to be in-clinic an hour and a half.

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  • What will I look like after my treatment?

    Immediately after the treatment you will have mild to moderate redness of the skin and some swelling. You may feel tight and hot, like a sunburn or windburn, however this generally resolves within 24 hours (see images below). Rarely, some individuals may have redness or mild swelling around the area for a few days. There may be some flaking or minuscule scabbing from the micro-needling in the first week after your treatment. These will come away naturally and can be easily covered with mineral makeup. During the healing phase, over the next week or so, the treated area may feel itchy and slightly warm which is a sign of the skin healing and collagen forming.

  • When will I see results?

    Over the weeks following you will notice the texture, tone, elasticity, or the scarring in your skin improving. It’s important to understand that re-modelling and growing new collagen cells can take around 4-8 weeks*. As this is a gradual improvement treatment the results are not instant. For this reason we have learnt the importance of taking pre-treatment photos prior to any collagen stimulating therapy, such as INFINI.

    Difficulty detecting subtle gradual enhancements, especially when checking every day at home, is well known. It’s part of our policy that clients having consecutive treatments will have pre-treatment photos taken prior to each session. A post-treatment photo is taken three months after the last treatment for an overall comparison of your results.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    How many treatments you require will depend on the severity of your skin laxity, scarring or underarm sweating. Generally speaking, 2-4 consecutive treatment sessions are needed*. However, the best way to determine how many treatments you might need is to let us assess your skin during your free consultation.

  • How long do I wait between treatments?

    Treatments are usually spaced in-between collagen growth cycles. Collagen often take 4-6 weeks to fully complete development, so treatments are booked every 4 weeks for uniformity. There is no negative impact on treatment outcomes if treatments are performed anywhere between 3-7 week intervals.

  • What other cosmetic treatments can be combined with Infini?

    Studies have shown that INFINI does not interfere or degrade existing Wrinkle Relaxants, Dermal Fillers, other collagen filling agents, or collagen stimulating treatments, like Factor4 Plasma Replacement therapy. In fact, Factor4 Plasma is often used in combination with INFINI for extra collagen boosting and healing for severely damaged dehydrated or scarred skin types.

    If clients are wanting their other injectables performed we usually wait 7-10 days for the INFINI treatment area to heal. Those with deeper rolling acne scarring may also require a Dermal Filler to lift the deepest pockets. Like other injectables, fillers are performed a week after swelling has subsided around acne scars.

  • How long will results last for?

    This will depend on the individual and their overall skin condition. The collagen created can last up to 7 years*, however the amount of collagen production will vary between individuals. Health, age, smoking status, sun exposure and other lifestyle factors can all affect the ability to produce good collagen stores and its longevity. We usually recommend re-treating the area every 12-18 months to maintain results. All of these factors will be assessed and discussed during your consultation.

  • The following skin problems are not treated with Infini RF

    Problem & Preferred Treatment Options   

    • Deep Facial Wrinkles: Dermal Fillers
    • Deep Facial Folds: Dermal Fillers
    • Under Eye Hollowing: Dermal Fillers
    • Wrinkles caused by excessive movement: Muscle Relaxers
    • Hanging Neck Bands: Muscle Relaxers
    • Bulky Side Jaw Muscles: Muscle Relaxers
    • Skin Cancers, Skin Tags & Moles: Dermatologist
    • Pigmentation & Sun Spots: Laser
    • Broken Blood Vessels & Capillaries: Laser
    • Drooping Facial Skin & Fat Pads: Cosmetic Surgery
    • Excessive Jawline Laxity & Jowling: Cosmetic Surgery
    • Large Fat Padding around Jaw & Neck: Cosmetic Surgery

    Please note: We do not perform surgery. Talk to us about an appropriate referral for these services. 

  • Who is NOT suitable for an INFINI RF treatment?

    INFINI is ‘Good Science’ that delivers ‘Good Results’. But it is only as good as the overall good health of each individual having the treatment. Unfortunately, those who have been seriously unwell, have a negative metabolic state, or a suppressed immune system will have deficient collagen stimulation and healing abilities, and are not suitable candidates. Likewise, heavy smokers, sunbathers, or those with a stressful lifestyle may not respond as well or might need more treatments to get results, which can be minimal at best. Our medical staff will discuss more suitable treatment options at your consultation.

*Results and longevity of treatments vary on an individual basis and can be dependant on a person’s age, genetics, skin type, skin condition, environmental factors and lifestyle habits. Just like ageing is a natural process that occurs over time, preventing, achieving and maintaining results is also a gradual process that may involve more than one treatment.