Brooke’s Tips for Glowing Skin Year-round

Brooke Kuskopf, Dermal Therapist

1. Re-surface & Brighten Your Skin During Winter

During winter, it’s easier to avoid the sun. Most people spend more time indoors in winter and as a result you’re not exposed to as much UV rays. This is a fantastic time to focus on powerful skin resurfacing treatments like Dermapen & Medical Grade Peels whilst the UV rays are lower. Usually I recommend a course of 4 Dermapen, Vitamin A Peel & Healite Treatments every 3-4 weeks during this period. Click here to read more about Dermapen Skin Needling.

2. Strengthen Your Skin from Below the Surface

The Healite II is a game changer as it rejuvenates, strengthens & repairs the skin at a cellular level. Induce faster healing & stimulate blood flow for fresher, healthier skin. It’s a fantastic treatment for skin inflammation, bruising (for instance after Injectable treatments) and it also helps to eradicate Acne Bacteria on the skin.  Click here to read more about Healite II.

3. Try an Alpha H Pro-X Peel for an Immediate Glow

This is a beautiful pick-me-up treatment with no downtime, redness or peeling. It can be done over a course of 6 sessions (one every 4 weeks) or it can be used as a one off treatment to brighten, plump and hydrate the skin. This peel is perfect to achieve an immediate fresh glow for the night come! See me for this amazing treatment, it instantly lifts the skin. Click here to read more about Alpha H Glycolic Peels.

Seeing a Dermal Therapist will help you achieve & maintain healthy, glowing skin year-round. With nourishing & brightening skin treatments and skincare products that actually work you’ll be wondering why you didn’t book in sooner.