Genius RF Microneedling

A revolutionary radiofrequency microneedling treatment

Genius RF Microneedling

The GENIUS RF (Radio-Frequency) device is state-of-the-art technology that uses your own body’s healing response to boost collagen within the skin through delivery of radio frequency heat waves, and micro needling. Unlike other RF treatments, GENIUS has adjustable, insulated micro-needles to deliver precise thermal (heating) energy at varying depths targeting collagen remodeling for a variety of skin conditions, thus making it a versatile multi skin treatment apparatus. GENIUS’S advanced energy delivery system offers significantly higher, yet safer heating, with less discomfort, downtime and risks associated with other Fraxel and Laser systems.

To hasten your skins recovery, clients who undergo an GENIUS RF treatment receive a complimentary skin soothing and calming HEALITE II LED therapy at the end of each session.

How does Genuis RF Work?

Skin Needling and Radio Frequency (RF) are well established collagen stimulation treatments that are normally performed separately – GENIUS RF, combines these technologies in a single treatment to give maximum results. The micro needles deliver RF energy creating thousands of micro coagulation zones, which creates a natural healing process that replaces the damaged zones with new re-modelled collagen and elastin to improve skin quality.

What areas can be treated with Genius RF Microneedling?

  • Sagging lax, loose facial skin
  • Tightening of the jaw line, jowls & neck
  • Improves fine lines around the mouth, cheeks & under eyes
  • Tighten & lift heavy upper eye lids
  • Restores photo-aged, sun damaged skin
  • Reduced excessive underarm sweating (Hyperhidrosis)
  • Improves scarring, especially ice-pick type acne scars
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks

Before and After Results

Before and After Genius RF Microneedling Treatment
Genius RF Neck Treatment

What are the benefits of Genius RF Microneedling?

  • Skin tightening and increased tone of lax skin
  • Skin textural improvement from micro-needling and thickening of collagen
  • Delivers higher amounts of energy than other devices without burning the skin
  • Tissue volumisation without the risk of damage to facial fat cells
  • Radio Frequency waves & HEALITE are safe to use on pregnant or lactating mothers
  • Safer with less risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation than laser
  • You can resume normal activity, including outdoor sports and exercise the next day, without risk of burning or skin damage to the treated area, as long as you protect the area with SPF 50+ sunscreen
  • Does not interfere or degrade existing Wrinkle Relaxants, Dermal Fillers, collagen filling or stimulating treatments
  • Injectable treatments can resume a week after swelling has subsided, usually 10-14 days after initial treatment

What does a Genius RF Treatment Involve?

During your initial consultation your Clinician will assess your suitability for the GENIUS RF treatment. Once it is agreed to go ahead with the treatment you will be required to give us your health history, informed consent and have before and after images taken, all of which are kept confidential.

Prior to treatment your skin will be numbed with a powerful anaesthetic cream for 30-45 minutes to minimise discomfort. The skin is then cleansed with antiseptic solution and alcohol. Using the Genius RF hand piece, the treatment area is systemically stamped to deliver thousands of micro-injuries to the skin. Your skin is then cleansed again before the LED HEALITE II is used to calm and sooth your skin at the end of your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

How many treatments you require will depend on the severity of your skin laxity, scaring or underarm sweating. Generally speaking, 2-4 consecutive treatment sessions are needed. However, the best way to determine how many treatments you might need is to let us assess your skin during your free consultation. Treatments are spaced in between collagen growth cycles which is every 4-6 weeks.

When will I see results?

Over the weeks following you will notice the texture, tone, elasticity, or the scarring in your skin improving. It’s important to understand that re-modelling and growing new collagen cells can take around 4-8 weeks. As this is a gradual improvement treatment the results are not instant. For this reason we have learnt the importance of taking pre-treatment photos prior to any collagen stimulating therapy, such as GENIUS. Difficultly detecting subtle gradual enhancements, especially when checking every day at home, is well known. It’s part of our policy that clients having consecutive treatments will have pre-treatment photos taken prior to each session. A post-treatment photo is taken three months after the last treatment for an overall comparison of your results.

Am I a suitable candidate for Genuis RF?

Genius RF is ‘Good Science’ that delivers ‘Good Results’ but it is only as good as the overall health of the individual having the treatment.

Unfortunately, those who have been seriously unwell, have a negative metabolic state or a suppressed immune system will have deficient collagen stimulation and healing abilities and are not suitable candidates. Likewise, heavy smokers, sunbakers, or those with a stressful lifestyle may not respond as well or might need more treatments to achieve results, which can be minimal at best. Our clinical staff will discuss more suitable treatment options at your consultation.

Genius cannot be performed on or near broken or infected skin i.e. active acne out breaks or cold sores. Please inform our staff if you suffer from cold sores so we can prepare your skin and reduce the risk of outbreaks before your treatment.

NB. Other contraindications include Keloid Formation, Haemorrhagic Disease, clients with a cardiac pacemakers and clients with an implanted defibrillator.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on the individual and their overall skin condition. The collagen created can last up to 7 years, however the amount of collagen production will vary between individuals. Health, age, smoking status, sun exposure and other lifestyle factors can all affect the ability to produce good collagen stores and its longevity. We usually recommend re-treating the area every 12-18 months to maintain results. All of these factors will be assessed and discussed during your consultation.
The treatment is generally very comfortable in most areas, however there may be some discomfort felt over boney prominences such as the jawline and cheekbone. To avoid discomfort, the skin is maneuvered and manipulated by pressure to treat these areas without passing directly over the facial bones where possible.

Most patients report the procedure as a 2-4 out of 10 for discomfort (10 being highest pain). The skin will feel hot and tight and pinpoint bleeding may occur during treatment but quickly resolves. All clients are put under the soothing and calming HEALITE II immediately after which rapidly heals the heated tissues.

Pricing is dependent on the area being treated and how many sessions are needed to achieve optimal corrections. Clients may require 3-6 sessions per area depending on the severity of their skin, therefore we have package plans that reduce the cost, especially if more sessions are needed. We provide a free consultation to assess your skin and give you more specific details according to your treatment area.
Please follow these instructions for a complication free treatment with beautiful results.

Treatment of tanned or sunburnt skin leads to unwanted and potentially severe complications, such as burning, blistering, dark pigmentation and scarring. To avoid these risks, we ask that you do not sunbake or get sunburnt in the 4 weeks leading up to your treatment.

Spray tans, tanning cream and lotions also need to be avoided 4 weeks before your treatment.

Your skin should be completely clean prior to treatment.

Please arrive wearing NO MAKEUP, including eye makeup, on the day of your treatment.

If you are prone to cold sores and are having your face treated, you may choose to take an over-the-counter anti-viral medication called Famvir to reduce the risk of a cold sore breakout after treatment.

You must not have a Genius treatment if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or breast feeding.

You must not have taken oral Isotretinoin (Accutane of Roaccutane) 3 months prior to treatment or less.

You must not have taken any medications, including topical creams, herbal treatments, food supplements or vitamins which may cause fragile skin or impaired healing, during the 3 months leading up to your Genius RF treatment. If unsure, please check with your Clinician.

If you are in poor health, have a compromised immune system or impaired skin healing you will not be suitable for Genius RF until you are well.

If you suffer from collagen disorders, such as keloid formation and/or abnormal wound healing or scarring you may not be a candidate.

You cannot have Genius RF if you have had any ablative treatments, facial or neck surgery or PDO threads in the last 3 months.

You must not have any injectables or other skin treatments within 2 weeks either side of your Genius RF treatment.

You must avoid touching the treatment area to minimise infection. You must not rub or pick at any micro crusts that develop as this could cause scarring or hyperpigmentation. These micro crusts and grid marks will lift away naturally within 7-10 days.

Please read and follow our after care recommendations for the most out of your treatment.

DO NOT USE ICE on your face or the treatment area in the first 24 hours.

You may have grid marking on your skin, this is normal and can last from 3-14 days depending on the area being treated.

Micro crusting may accrue and can last up to 3-14 days this is normal, DO NOT PICK!

Change your pillowcase.

Use Medik8 Lipid Balance Cleanser to cleanse your skin and gently pat area dry. We provide you with QV Balm and HA serum, which can be applied 4 hours after the treatment and every 6 hours thereafter.

Avoid all skincare products such as Vitamin A (Retinol, Retinaldehyde, Tretinoin), Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid and other AHA’s, Salicylic Acid and other BHA’s, Hydroquinone and exfoliant face washes for 14 days post treatment.

The skin may begin to feel increasingly dry and tight for a number of days post treatment. A soothing hydrating protective emollient, such as Ultimate Recovery Cream, can be purchased from the clinic.

For the first 48 hours you should avoid the sun, makeup can be worn 24 hours after treatment.

It is very important to apply a SPF 50+ sunscreen daily for at least 6 months post treatment.

You must avoid touching the treatment area to minimise infection. You must not rub or pick at any micro crusts as this could cause scarring or hyperpigmentation.

No intensive exercise or swimming for 48 hours, including spas or saunas.

You must not have any injectables, other skin treatments or facial or neck surgeries 2 weeks after your Genius RF treatment.

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