A full face rejuvenation focuses on improving multiple areas on your face to achieve a natural looking, refreshed result. For our lovely client picturedbelow we used a multi-treatment approach to smooth and soften lines and give her face a subtle lift. A full face rejuvenation is tailored to your skin aseach face is different and may require different doses and different treatment areas to achieve an ideal result.

Forehead and Frown Treatment with Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Our client has had her forehead & frown lines treated with Anti-Wrinkle Injections. In the results above she is actively raising her eyebrows in both images to show the effect of the Anti-Wrinkle Injections. You will notice she has still retained some movement to avoid the ‘frozen’ look. You can alsosee how her etched forehead lines have softened in her relaxed expression (see image below). These lines will continue to smooth out over time andwith subsequent treatments. Her skin on her forehead & between her brows also has a luminous glow which is the result of the Anti-Wrinkle Injections.

Frown Lines are priced from $157 & Forehead Lines are priced from $72
Longevity 2-4 months

Under Eye Filler

Our client has also had a small amount of Dermal Filler to help restore her under eye area. This is one of our favourite treatments for tired looking eyes. It helps to reduce dark under eye circles & hollowing which can make you look tired and aged.

Our medium lifting filler (for hollowing at this particular depth) is priced from $750. Please note, deeper eye hollowing may require a thicker filler product.
Longevity 12 months to 2 years (due to this being a low movement area).

Cheek Filler

Using a small amount of Dermal Filler for Cheeks we have given a subtle lift and contour to our clients face. You can notice how her nose to mouth line has subtly improved due to the lift and you can see the added contour to her cheek bones.

Our thick, long lasting volume filler is priced from $750. We also offer packages for multiple fillers.
Longevity 12-14 months.

Free Consultations Available

As each face is different, the type of products and amounts will vary from person to person. You may require more or less product to achieve an ideal result. We offer a free consultation so we can properly assess your skin in person to give you a better indication of cost, products & results according to your concerns. To book online click here or alternatively call us on 07 5447 4227.

This treatment was performed by Cosmetic Nurse, Madeline Bishop.

As a mother of two, Maddie understands the effects that lack of sleep, home life, work and general ageing can have on the skin which often results in lowered self esteem. By providing individualised treatment plans to combat loss of volume, elasticity and wrinkles, Maddie ensures her clients leave the studio feeling fresh and rejuvenated whilst maintaining a natural, youthful look. Maddie’s keen eye for facial aesthetics, alongside her warm and caring nature ensures you are in capable hands.