Follow our lovely client Taylah’s journey as she attends her first consultation and lip filler treatment as a new client to The Cosmetic Studio Noosa.

I was immediately drawn to the idea of lip fillers when I saw the before and after photos of satisfied customers on Instagram. I was amazed at the transformation and wanted to know more. As a serial lip biter with dry, cracked lips, I was intrigued to know how it could give my lips some hydration and plumpness. However, I had heard horror stories about botched jobs and bad reactions, so I was hesitant!

The Cosmetic Studio Noosa was the perfect place for me. It looked professional, the staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and it had rave reviews! I was a little nervous when I arrived at the clinic, but the staff put me at ease. They explained the entire treatment, from numbing cream to injection. They also answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable.

Once ready, Nurse Simone brought me into her ultra-cool, calm treatment room for a 45-minute consultation. While there, we fully discussed the treatment, aftercare, and the different types of filler available to achieve my desired look. Simone was so lovely and really took her time to explain everything to me, even going over their comprehensive consent form again when I asked the same question twice! I was a bit nervous, but she was patient, so I felt at ease and knew I was in good hands. After a video consultation with their medical prescriber for the script, I was ready to proceed with the treatment. Simone applied a strong numbing cream to my lips to make the injections less painful.

After 30 minutes, the injections began! The little injections were surprisingly comfortable and over quickly. I would describe it as a scratching sensation with a little pressure. Honestly, the numbing cream worked so well that I barely felt a thing. Once the injections were complete, Simone applied some icy poles to my lips to reduce swelling. She also went over all aftercare instructions to follow for the next few days, including avoiding spicy foods and alcohol and making sure I stayed hydrated. We also booked a follow-up appointment 2 weeks after my treatment to check up on everything and see how it all settles.

The results of my lip fillers were immediate, and I was so excited with the outcome. I couldn’t believe that after just one day the swelling had gone down! My lips looked like mine, just a little fuller and more defined they were softer and silky smooth. They look really natural and healthy! I was so happy with the results and can’t thank Simone and the staff at The Cosmetic Studio enough!

Free Consultations Available

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