Lip Filler

A Lip Filler is a tissue tailored Dermal Filler product specifically formulated for lips. We have six different Lip Fillers available, from very fine to very thick and full. We offer a free consultation to work out together which is the right one for the lip look you're after, because some girls like them ...

Dermal Fillers for Under Eye Hollows

Dermal Filler can help to reduce dark circles & hollowing under the eyes which can make you look permanently tired. Our lovely model, Jessica had some under eye puffiness, hollowing and also some pigmentation under her eyes.Although Dermal Filler does not treat pigmentation it can help to reduce the appearance of darkening, often caused by the shadowing ...

Dermal Fillers for Tear Troughs

Dermal Filler can help to reduce dark under eye circles & hollowing under the eyes which can make you look tired and aged. We recently performed this treatment on one of our fabulous models, Sheryl. Sheryl had concerns about her eye area which was looking a little bit puffy and tired.

Frown Lines

Frown Lines or lines in general develop due to over use of the underlying muscles and from the loss of collagen & elastin in the skin from a) sun-damage or b) the natural ageing process. Skin fibers loosen & where there is regular movement, lines or wrinkles are more likely to appear.

The Dermapen Diary

In this case study the Dermapen treatment was used in conjunction with a Vitamin A peel to treat active acne and also depressed 'Ice Pick' scarring. This case study was used to show the progression of healing over a 4 day period.


When muscle relaxing anti-wrinkle treatments came into vogue over 20 years ago, from the anti-spasmodic medical domain, it’s recipients were mostly a secret circle of rich and famous types. Soon enough we were seeing Hollywood stars and the like looking startled and frozen as they walked the red carpets of society.