How does Alana achieve the Perfect Pout?

Alana Collins, Cosmetic Nurse


I make it priority to assess the lips from all angles. It’s important to consider symmetry and profile as well as other facial features to help determine the right shape and size that will compliment the face. I assess symmetry and volume from all angles, not just front on so your profile will always be looking it’s best too. Unfortunately “Kylie Jenner” type lips aren’t always achievable or suitable for everyone! We always opt for a more natural approach and help you to achieve the best lips for your facial structure.


We have access to soft subtle hydrating fillers to put the youth back into tired looking lips, as well as more volumising fillers to accentuate a Cupid’s bow or bring more fullness to your pout. All of our fillers here are made from Hyaluronic Acid which holds many times its weight in water hence the hydrating effect if it gives to your lips. My number one tip for someone who’s top lip disappears when smiling? Add some anti-wrinkle in to your next treatment for a little boost and “lip-flip”!

3. Technique & Skill

No two faces are the same so why should two sets of lips be the same? There are many factors that influence the shape and size of your lips, so there are many techniques I use to individualise a lip filler augmentation. We always numb the lips with a topical cream prior to injection and use ice throughout to help minimise bruising and swelling. My go-to technique uses a small sharp needle to place the filler within the lip body and border. This allows me to get the product precisely where it needs to be with hopefully the smallest amount of trauma.

A Lip Filler Treatment is priced from $475. Click here to read more about Lip Filler.  Book a Free Consultation with Alana today. Ph 5447 4227 or enquire online.