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Lip Filler Sunshine Coast Are you happy with the shape of your lips?  Would you like them to be fuller and more luscious?  Lip augmentation is one worry free way to get the plump, youthful lips that you have dreamed of having.  Where can you find the top studio for doing a lip filler on the sunshine coast.  The Cosmetic Studio Noosa is just the place for you to add volume to your lips, offering a private studio with a highly skilled team of medical cosmetic specialists.
How Do Lip Fillers Work?
At the Cosmetic Studio Noosa, the lip filler on the sunshine coast that we use is called HA, or hyaluronic acid.  This is a complex sugar chain that occurs naturally in and is chemically identical to the HA in the human body.  The substance is a gel that in injected under the skin to add volume, reshape and reduce wrinkles in and around the lips.  Added benefits are an increase in collagen production and hydration to the areas treated.
Treatment using lip filler on the sunshine coast can take between 30 minutes and an hour.  While relatively pain free, we may use a numbing cream or inject numbing anesthetic into the areas being treated.  Allow a little more time for this.  We want you to be completely comfortable during your procedure.  
Are There Side Effects and What Will I Look Like?
Side effects of lip augmentation are relatively minor and may include:
  • Swelling – very common and will resolve within 24-48 hours.  We will discuss ways to reduce swelling before you leave the studio
  •  Bruising – when the skin is being punctures, small bruises may form.  These should be minor and easily covered with makeup.  There are medications that can increase the incidence of bruising.  We will discuss this prior to your procedure.
  •  Discomfort – it there is some discomfort, using an over the counter pain medication and applying ice packs to the area will help.  This should resolve quickly.  Strenuous activities and using spas or saunas may exacerbate discomfort, so avoiding this for a few days may help. 
Once any swelling or bruising subside, you will look like you!  The Cosmetic Studio Noosa standard practice with lip filler on the sunshine coast is to enhance what you have – plumping areas of the lips that are thin, reshaping areas that may be disproportionate, smoothing wrinkles.  Our goal is rejuvenate and refine, giving you the most natural appearance while achieving that youthful lips that you want.
At The Cosemetic Studio Noosa, our team of highly skilled, trained and caring medical cosmetic doctors and nurses are dedicated to delivering the most caring, individualized service for volumizing the lips with a lip filler on the sunshine coast.  To schedule consultation to determine the outcome that you want and discuss our procedure further, please call us at (07)5447 4227. Lip Filler Sunshine Coast
The Cosmetic Studio Noosa
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Lip Filler Sunshine Coast

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