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Dermal Fillers Sunshine Coast As we age, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear.  We have available to us many options for maintaining the smooth, wrinkle-free skin of our youth. There are a variety of treatments for achieving the look that makes you feel good.  For people looking locally for treatment using dermal fillers on the sunshine coast, The Cosmetic Studio Noosa offers professional, discreet service in a welcoming atmosphere.
How Do We Get Wrinkles?
Wrinkles and lines can occur due to genetics or life factors.  Some causes include:
  • Overall health
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Repetitive facial expressions
  • Smoking
  • Overexposure to the sun
There are two kinds of wrinkles.  Dynamic wrinkles result from habitual facial muscle motion, like crow’s feet around the eyes when smiling or forehead wrinkles when surprised.  For example, when we smile, lines appear around our eyes and sometimes our mouth.  When we are young, out skin bounces back after the muscle motion and becomes smooth again. 
As we age, there is less elasticity, so the lines begin to remain even after we are no longer doing that facial expression.  These wrinkles, which are visible whether we are moving our facial muscles in an expression or not, are called static wrinkles.  They are much more permanent than dynamic wrinkles.
Options for Reducing the Signs of Aging
There are a variety of medical treatments available to repair and maintain youthful skin.  They include, creams and lotions, Botox, dermal fillers, peels, facials and more.  The Cosmetic Studio Noosa provides these services but particularly dermal fillers on the sunshine coast or combating those static wrinkles.
What Are Dermal Fillers?
Dermal fillers are smooth gels that are injected beneath the skin to add volume, thus reducing the lines and wrinkles. The compound, while plumping the areas where there are static wrinkles, also increases hydration and collagen production in the areas that it is injected, giving it long lasting effects.  Dermal fillers can last nine to twelve months.
Are Dermal Fillers Safe?
The Cosmetic Studio Noosa is committed to providing dermal fillers on the sunshine coast safely.  First, we only use dermal fillers with proven safety records.  Second, our cosmetic medical professionals, which includes doctors, nurses and skin therapists, are highly skilled and up to date with training on current methods and products.  We also spend time with you going over your medical history including medications, allergies, illnesses that may have an impact on treatment.  We then recommend the best procedure for your individual needs and the results that you want to achieve.
Dermal Fillers on the Sunshine Coast
Not all studios offer the passionate and dedicated service that you will find at The Cosmetic Studio Noosa.  When researching a facility for dermal fillers on the sunshine coast, you will find that The Cosmetic Studio Noosa offers an experienced team of caring professionals in a modern studio that is convenient and private.  We strive to provide quality services that give you the smooth, youthful look that you desire.  To schedule a consultation, call us at (07)5447 4227.  Dermal Fillers Sunshine Coast
The Cosmetic Studio Noosa
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Dermal Fillers Sunshine Coast

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