This Treatment Improves Your Skin’s Hydration • Elasticity • Texture & Tone.

Includes 3mls of Hydrating Dermal Filler PLUS 1 x Area of Wrinkle Relaxer. Only $880 Normally $1250!

What does 3mls of Hydrating Dermal Filler do?
  • Improves crepey, uneven, lined skin
  • Boosts hydration by drawing water to itself
  • Plumps & gives tone to the skin
  • Lifts lines & thickens collagen fibres to improve skin elasticity & texture
Can be used on multiple areas of concern:
  • Lips: For dry aged, sun-damaged lips with subtle enhancement: perfect for those who want to restore lost elasticity
  • Face: Softens and hydrates lines around the mouth, nose & cheek line. Tones & lifts skin laxity
  • Neck & Décolletage: Softens horizontal neck lines & improves texture of vertical chest sleep lines
  • Hands: Plumps and rejuvenates dry, wrinkled hands
What does 1 x Area of Wrinkle Relaxer do?
  • Softens or prevents Eyes Lines (Crows Feet)
  • Softens or prevents Frown Lines
  • OR Softens or prevents Forehead Lines
How long does it last?

Results usually last 6-12 months. This treatment is uses a Skin Booster Dermal Filler which thickens collagen. This means optimal results will be noticed at 4 weeks. However, you will notice immediate improvement to lines & wrinkles. The tone & textural improvement that comes with new collagen stimulation takes up to 4 weeks. Ideal treatment for women who want subtle but useful improvement to their skin tone & texture.

How do I book in to have this treatment?

Call the studio on 5447 4227. Alternatively, you can fill in the form below to book online.

This offer is available until 28 Feb 17 or while stocks last. Terms & conditions apply.