Issada Mineral Make-up

Issada is a Brisbane based anti-ageing make-up brand. All products are formulated with ingredients that aim to provide the skin with anti-ageing, soothing, mineral and antioxidant enriched ingredients. It’s basically healthy make-up!

Mineral Lip Glosses $48.00

Packed full of nourishing ingredients, these glosses not only give your lips their daily dose of botanicals, antioxidants and minerals but they also work to stimulate collagen resulting in plump, pillowy lips.

Available in Caramel, Nectar, Coconut Ice, Romance, Nude, Orchid, Daiquiri, Boudoir, Lava, Flame, Bordeaux and Chocolate. 

Couture Brush Set $650

The Couture Brushes are the most sort after brushes in the industry. Made from 100% natural hairs from Canada and Russia. Each brush contains sable, pony, squirrel or goat hair and is shaped for ease of application. The brush handles are made with an aeronautical material stronger than steel making them durable and long lasting. These brushes deposit the perfect amount of product for effortless blending and a soft natural finish.

Also available for individual purchase.

Mineral Pressed Rice Powder $79.00

Issada’s Mineral Pressed Rice Powder is an invisible, transparent powder that provides skin with a soft matte veil. It doubles as a skin treatment with its abundance of powerful botanicals, minerals and vitamins. This treatment product minimises pores and prevents unwanted oil and shine for a beautiful photographic finish.

Available in Cool or Warm.

Mineral Baked Foundation $79.00

The best mineral foundation formula ever created! This product melts into the skin and scatters light for a soft, flawless matte finish. With the ability to build coverage this product is suitable for day and night wear. Made in Italy, this product is slow baked for 24 hours and the results are a mineral pure product with the most luxurious botanical extracts and ingredients for the ultimate skin treatment.

Available in Panna Cotta, Gelato, Cassata, Biscotti and Tiramisu. 

Mineral Loose Rice Setting Powder $79.00

This transparent, refined powder can be used prior to foundation as a mattifying, pore-minimising primer. It can be used over foundation to set and mattify, mixed with other loose powders of shadows to dilute luminosity or used as a touch up to absorb oil. Contains a beautiful combination of minerals and vitamins for a flawless finish.

Available in Cool & Warm. 

CC8 Mineral Liquid Foundation $79.00

This all in one multi-tasking product acts as a tinted moisturiser, anti-ageing serum, blemish treatment, pore minimiser, radiance booster, pigmentation fighter, mineral sunscreen, skin calming colour corrector in one multi-tasking product. It contains a cocktail of vitamins and minerals to heal, strengthen and repair the skin.

Available in Winter, Autumn, Spring & Summer

Mineral Baked Blush $79.00

These stunning cheek powders contain multi-tonal specks of colour which melt into the skin for beautiful shimmering cheeks. Baked for 24 hours and infused with an abundance of organic extracts and minerals this gorgeous product provides the skin with delectable treat and a flawless finish.

Available in Champagne Diamond, Platinum Pink & Golden Ruby. 

Mineral Lip & Cheek Cream $45.00

Enhance lips and cheeks with Issada’s cream to powder formula. This velvety smooth product is light to touch and breathable. It contains an abundance of botanical and minerals to give your lips and cheeks a soft, fresh look.

Available in Mango Frappe, Strawberry Milkshake, Raspberries & Cream and Pomegranate Punch.

Mineral Matte Blush $45.00

A beautiful matte formula designed for long wearing and easy blending. Add a soft blush to your complexion and treat skin to matte minerals and Vitamin C with this silky smooth cheek product.

Available in Fig, Guava, Lychee and Mandarin.

Luxury Lipsticks $42.00

Luxury lipstick contains lip-plumping Folic Acid and super moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid. These lipsticks have a rich, intense pigment and colour that lasts. The lush, creamy matte finish minimizes fine lines and gives lips a beautiful dose of skin-caring ingredients Vitamins A, C and E, Avocado Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Shea Butter and Jojoba.

Available in Carmen, Angelina, Prima, Dozen Roses & Marilyn.

Calm Balm $75.00

Calm Balm is a Mineral enriched pre-foundation to assist with reducing redness, open pores and shiny skin. Foundation glides on smoothly and coverage lasts longer with Calm Balm. Cooling and soothing ingredients Rose, Witch Hazel, Squalene and Grapefruit extract help to neutralise redness, cleanse the skin and prevent blemishes.

Mineral Bronzer $79.00

Issada’s Mineral Baked Bronzer is 24 hour baked by Italian Artisans. It’s infused with rose gold, minerals and botanicals creating a silken powder which gives a smooth, flawless finish. Perfect for use on the face, eyes, cheeks, lips and body for a healthy looking beachy glow.

Mineral GloStick $69.00

The perfect highlighter for those who lack in time. This mineral enriched product glides on and works to highlight bone structure in one simple, shimmering sweep. It mels into the skin and blends seamlessly with the ability to build the strength from a subtle glow to extreme pro-strength. Cream-gel formula that still has a lightweight feel.